RCIA Marie O'Connor
Extraordinary Ministers/Lectors
Linda Feider, Coordinator
Altar Servers John Latimore, Coordinator
Helping Hands Spencer Vail, Coordinator
Pre-Baptismal Class  Jovita Wilson, Coordinator
Respect Life Jovita Wilson, Coordinator

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                                             Altar Servers
Altar Servers assist the Priest during Sunday Mass and other Liturgical Celebrations as needed. Boys and girls must have received their first Eucharist and regularly participate in Mass before they can become an Altar Server. Serving at the altar is a great privilege and a source of great blessings.  Parents should contact the rectory office at 549-0420 if their son or daughter is interested in becoming involved in this very important ministry.

                                    Adult Altar Servers
Adult Altar Servers are men and women who offer assistance to the Priest during funeral Masses.  New volunteers are always welcome.  If interested, please contact the rectory office at 549-0420.

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Children's Liturgy of the Word

Children’s Liturgy of the Word is offered during the 10:30 AM Mass.  After the opening prayer, the children are called to the altar and then dismissed with a trained minister for their own Liturgy of the Word in the chapel. The readings are adapted into language for the children’s understanding.  The children are encouraged to ask questions about what they heard and reflect on how God’s Word makes a difference in their lives. The children return to Mass during the preparation of the gifts.

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Helping Hands Committee

The Helping Hands committee is our parish bereavement group, providing luncheon receptions after parish funerals if requested, and any other help we can offer during the families’ time of need.  Call the rectory for more information.

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Extraordinary Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are trained through diocesan workshops and commissioned by the Bishop to help distribute the Eucharist at Mass or to bring the Eucharist to those confined to hospitals or home.


Lectors are ministers who proclaim the reading from the Lectionary at Mass and other liturgical services.

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